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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Golden Showers - Urophilia Part 2

Originally published on

Writing the previous piece about J made me want to look deeper in to the practice of Urophilia or Urolagnia as it is known. Urophilia is more commonly known as “Watersports” or “Golden Showers”. Not to be confused with Urophagia, which is the act of drinking urine.

Urophilia is one of a group of Paraphilias, which translates from the Greek ouron, urine and philia. Other paraphilias include Voyeurism and Exhibitionism to name two. This is not to be confused with Urolagnia, which is the practice of drinking urine.

Paraphilias are sexual dysfunctions or behaviours and by their very nature are obsessive/compulsive behaviours. They have a specific focus usually resulting in sexual arousal. This is best described by comparing the guy who walks past a house where a woman is undressing near the window. He will perhaps stop and stare (well, I certainly would) and then move on but the voyeur will obsess about the peeping and go out of his way to do so, exhibiting this compulsive behaviour. I hope that clarifies things for you without getting too heavy. Wake up at the back.

There are hundreds of paraphilias and I read that the number of men exceed women in paraphilic tendencies. Whilst categorising these behaviours as paraphilic and perhaps lending a hint of kinkiness to them, I will point out that Scatophilia is talking dirty on the phone. Most of us have taken part in that paraphilia at some point in our lives. So, don’t go all smug on me.

Urophilia is apparently very well practiced in North America and is just as popular in Europe where most of the content is produced. Practices range from, peeing on each other’s bodies to peeing inside someone’s ass or pussy.

Less extreme is peeing in your pants, this can be an exciting experience to observe. Watching your partner’s crotch become darker with the moisture and seeing it drip from their panties or pants. Alex and I once took turns at this standing in the bath. I must confess I didn’t think that I would particularly get off on watching someone pee their pants. But I did.

He wore his clingy lycra boxers and I watched in anticipation as they developed a dark patch, which grew in size before my eyes. Then eventually the stream could not be contained anymore, it ran twisting, meandering down his inner thigh. Many may not admit to doing so but hands up who has peed in the shower. I for one am guilty of it and will admit that it feels good, the tingling sensation as you let go and then the comforting warmth as the stream runs downwards. Uhm, am I being too honest here?

Urophilia can become part of bonding, sharing an intimate experience with each other. Also instilling trust in your partner. Or used in dominant/submissive games, using urination to humiliate or make your partner feel helpless.

As for this fetish, it doesn’t require any special toys or batteries and it is readily available. The dilution level can be controlled by drinking more or less water. Even the taste can be manipulated by eating or drinking certain foods. For example artificial sweetener is expelled in urine making it taste sweeter. So are some vitamins so be careful if you are already taking vitamin supplements.

It is a myth that urine is unclean. Providing that the urinator has no STD’s it is almost sterile when emitted and does not contain toxins. It may surprise some of you to discover that far from being dirty, during wartime it was used as a disinfectant for wounds.

So, what’s in it? Urine is made up mostly of water, soluble minerals:

Nitrogenous material (Urea)
Creatine (gives colour and odour)
Uric Acid
None of the above naturally secreted substances are toxic or harmful in any way, except in high doses.

I must be honest and say that I’m not in to peeing on people or being peed on but I can well understand that others would be turned on by this. I am after all a very sexual woman and make no judgement call on other people’s sexuality or practices.

If you do indulge in this practice do make sure you apply the same precautions as for unprotected sex, STD’s can be transmitted via urine. If you don’t know the sexual history of your partner, don’t be temped to try it.


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Golden Showers - Urophilia Part 1

originally published on

I was thinking back to my childhood the other day and I remembered an acquaintance with a particular kink. You may think, “so what I know lots of people with unusual sexual preferences”. This friend (lets call him J on this occasion) displayed his kink at a very early age. He was a year younger than me and I think I would have been about 9 or 10 at the time.

J was by no means unusual in his every day life. He was the youngest of 3 children, having two older sisters. His parents were a hardworking middle aged couple with their own business. I hung around with middle sister (lets call her B) for several years, as she was the same age as myself.

I don’t think B knew of her brother’s predilection towards this particular kink. I’m sure she would have discussed it with me had she know about it. J’s kink only manifested itself when he was out of sight and earshot of his sisters. I once had him approach me to do it whilst in his home.

Even at that early age, although I didn’t quite understand the kinky and covertly sexual world I was to grow up in, I knew that J’s naughty secret was not something that I wanted to participate in. Don’t get me wrong I’m by no means a prude and wasn’t back then either, it’s just the whole thing didn’t really interest me.

J was a very likeable boy and I know some of the girls did succumb to his request. They told me about it after. Which is probably why J would spend so much time trying to encourage me to fulfil his dream, I was probably one of the few girls who said no.

I’ve got you all wondering what I am alluding to now haven’t I. I bet some of your kinky little minds have already found an answer. Just what do you think his particular kink was? Some of you are going to be miles off the mark. Ok, I can hear you shouting to know now. He…liked to be pissed on. There you have it.

This young good looking brown haired, brown eyed boy liked girls to squat over him and pee. He would apparently lie down on the floor and have the girl’s squat over his chest and face and urinate on him. I think the main reason I didn’t want to do this was because I thought I might get in to a bit of a mess. Wet legs and shoes etc.

J if you are out there reading this, I am not taking the moral high ground on this practice at all. In fact there have been occasions when I am being fucked hard by Alex that I have wanted to pee. Don’t ask me why, I just have. Maybe it’s because I want to be as “dirty” as I can. I’m not sure.

What I really need to know is, does this kind of kinky desire manifest itself at such an early age? Or does it develop with our sexuality and experiences over the years? Do our parents take some kind of responsibility for this predisposition? Did J catch his parents doing this at some point in his early years?

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Sunday, September 30, 2007


First published on 15 June 2005.

My latest obsession is watching MFM porn, the concept of fucking on tap really works for me. You could call me cock greedy but the simple logistics of this are, that you can have one guy bang you until he can cum no more and there is another hard and ready to take over in your mouth.

This has led to me being rather fixated by the shape and size of cocks on offer. There are both long and short, bent ones (good for reaching the g-spot?). Fat and contoured cocks (would they rub you up fine?). Then my personal favourite the long cock with the very pronounced head (this variety catches and stimulates my pussy opening) and rubs my g-spot just right.

I like to do bj's almost as much as I like to fuck, this again goes back to being empowered by the abilty to make my man spurt. I tease and caress then start to take it back in to my throat (I try to take more each time I push my head down on the firm head). It increases the intensity if you push the hard shaft against the roof of your mouth using your tongue, whilst sucking and moving up and down on it.

It can be dangerous to take the firm glans in to your cheek as teeth can sometime get in the way (ouch!), you have to ensure your mouth is wide. This tends to make Alex twitch with delight as he sees the head of his erection jutting out of my cheek.

The pre-cum that dribbles out of the end is very tasty and a delicious prelude to what cums later (pun intended). I didn't used to be able to swallow but following much practice, I am now able to take a good gulp. Sometimes when it hits the back of my throat taking me unaware, it can make me cough but other than that I love my cum shakes.

Sometimes if the aim is a little astray cum gets in to my hair, this is really a bugger if left to dry. It is best to get most of it off you hair before it sets, yes sets, it tends to set like concrete and can only be removed by washing.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Surreptitious Sex

This post originally appear on 11 June 2005

My mind wandered to encounters of surreptitious sex as I mowed the lawn on this afternoon. Most of them occurred when Alex and I started going out with each other.

I remember vividly taking a trip out in the car with Alex's parents in the front seats. I was feeling particularly ready for "It", I carefully opened Alex's flies under his loose t-shirt and grabbed hold of his cock. He had a semi already and I gripped him firmly with my hand and began to wank him.

Trying desperately not to give the act away by moving my shoulder rapidly, I slowly worked my hand up and down his erect cock. Alex was really getting off on the idea of being wanked in the back seat of his dad's car, whilst his parents were blissfully unaware. He almost gave the game away as he started to lift off the seat and gently fuck my hand.

Just at the right moment he grabbed hold of my hand and placed it over the top of his moist glans. He came in my hand and his hot juices oozed between my fingers. It's was a good job that I had a skirt on because I came all over the gusset of my panties. I managed to clean up Alex and my hand with some tissue, just before Alex's mum offered us both a mint!

Another occasion in Alex's parent's presence was in the kitchen whilst they slept in bed. This can be a little difficult for me, as I like to vocalise as I am being fucked. We had both been out for the evening and wanted sex badly, as the opportunity had not arisen earlier in the evening. Alex pulled down my panties (I had a short skirt on) and lifted me on to the work surface, legs wide apart. He pulled off his trousers and boxers to reveal a stonking great hard on. Grabbing my legs and lifting them on to his shoulders he drove in to me.

The sex was heightened by the thought that just above us his parents slept and we both came within moments of him thrusting deep in to my pussy. This was fortunate as he had to screw me while standing on tiptoes, the height was just wrong, but that just added to the fun.

Oh, I've just remembered another time we both fucked whilst Alex's parents slept (or at least I think they did!). Again, we had both been out for a night on the town and wanted to shag. We lay in front of the telly on the settee, Alex behind me head propped on his arm.

I felt a hard bulge press in to the small of my back and Alex whispered in my ear, "do you want this inside you"? I never need to be asked twice and I hitched up my skirt and pushed my thong's crotch to one side. He eased slowly in to me as we spooned, then fucked me very carefully as not to give the game away should his parents come downstairs.

Car experiences can be particularly horny. On our way back home in the early hours I reached in to Alex's trousers and began to wank him. I tried to suck his hard tool but this is very difficult for both of you whilst driving.

Alex pulled over in to a layby at the side of the dual carriageway and once the car was parked I tore at his trousers. I pushed my mouth over his cock until I gagged and began to move my head up and down in his groin. Alex gripped the steering wheel hard and began to move his hips too and fro, fucking my mouth. I kept a firm grip with my lips and sucked hard as he moved in and out of my mouth.

I felt his cock throb and with a deep-throated groan of sexual satisfaction he came in my mouth. I swallowed most of his juice but kept a little on one side so that when we kissed he could taste his own cum.

Placing my lips on his I poked my tongue inside his mouth so that he could taste his musky juices. Tap, tap came the noise from the side window nearest Alex. He wound down the window to be greeted by a guy asking for directions. We pointed him in the right direction and then wound up the window. We laughed about that one for weeks after.

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Not The Only Fruit

This post originally appear on 01 June 2005.

I remember my first true sexual encounter was when I reached the tender age of 11. Prior to that I had a voyage of discovery with a next-door neighbour when I was about 9. He was the same age as myself, a good looking blonde lad who was very athletic.

We would go out to "play" in nearby fields during the summer and lay naked, inspecting each other. He fascinated by my pussy and it's many secrets, spending hours examining me at close quarters. I enjoyed this but really wanted him to spend more time around my breast area (not that you could really find them at that age!).

I would keep moving his head upwards with my hands and asking him to lick my breasts. He obliged for a short while and then returned to between my legs. These regular activities excited me immensely but went no further.

That is until I reached the age of 11 and met a very attractive brunette in my first senior school class. She was a curvaceous girl with an olive complexion, brown eyes and long brown hair and stood about 5' 6" in her stocking feet.

I knew I liked Elizabeth deeper than our friendship and later discovered that she was a lesbian (how lucky was that?). We spent many innocent days together, getting to know each other as friends but I knew that I wanted more than that and Liz did too.

Liz's parents had a static caravan out in the countryside which they used on a regular basis for weekend getaways. They would go as a family when possible but at other times Liz was allowed to go for a weekend away with one of her friends.

Liz's father dropped us off early Friday evening at the caravan with our changes of clothes and provisions and would not be picking us up again until Sunday afternoon. I remember it was early summer and the days were nice and hot but the evenings could still be very cold.
We put our food and clothes away and decided to go for a walk. We decided to take a 5 mile round walk, strolling hand in hand up hill and down dale admiring the wildlife in the late evening sun.

When we got back to the caravan it was dusk and we decided to cook up some tea. Not sure that we had cordon bleau, probably sausage, egg and beans. We finished up tea, washed up and sat down for the night in front of the tiny portable TV.

The evening passed uneventfully at first, while we watched banal TV. Eventually we both got undressed for bed, the intention being that we both sleep on opposite sides of the living area on those sofa bed things. We were both very uncomfortable both of us complaining to each other that the beds were lumpy and cold. I suggested that we make a double bed by pushing the seat cushions together on the floor so that we could then snuggle up and at least keep each other warm, Liz agreed.

Eventually we both climbed in to the bed in our flimsy night dresses and snuggled under the covers. All perfectly innocent until I turned my back to Liz so that I could spoon with her. Liz gently pushed her breasts in to my back as she moved closer in and I could feel her warm breath on the back of my neck. "Uhm that's nice" I purred. I then felt warm fingers glide under my arm and over my left breast. I let out a light, approving groan and Liz gave me a pleasing squeeze.

There was no room for misunderstanding, I wanted Liz and she wanted me in a very adolescent but undeniably sexual way. I turned around to face Liz and began to gently kiss her on the lips. She reciprocated by parting my closed lips with her tongue and running it around my mouth. This was a sensation I hadn't encountered before, up until then my kisses had been closed mouthed.

I remember being extremely turned on, though not understanding the feelings in my head or the reaction of my body at the time. The slight swelling of my small breasts and the strange hot sensation in my groin were tantalising, exciting and a little strange. Every sensation was new.
I was enjoying the events as they unfolded, but also knowing that it was slightly taboo. We engaged in mutual breast licking, sucking and kneading, which left both of us wet and eager to be satisfied.

Liz put her hands down my panties and at first I did recoil, she reassured me saying that it was alright. So I moved my hand away from hers, therefore allowing her access to my pussy. This was trust indeed, as the most I had allowed anyone to do was take a look.

She very gently cupped my pussy with her hand, this felt warm and comforting. I gave her a smile of consent and she began to move her hand to and fro between my slightly parted legs. This felt good, so I placed my hand between her legs and rubbed her too.

We experimented for what seemed like hours, touching and caressing each other, until finally falling asleep in each other's arms.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Men (Women) & Motors

This entry was orignally posted on, 02 November 2005.

Dogging seems (pardon the pun, again) to be hot in the UK, and I have read that it is becoming popular in of all places New Zealand.

For the uninitiated amongst us I will try to explain what dogging means. The term “dogging” originated from the practice of watching couples having sex outdoors and keeping track of their movements, hence the term dogging.

This sexual activity is taking place all over Britain, predominantly in lay-by’s (parking spaces at the side of highways) and car parks. Obviously away from the traffic but easily commuted to by it’s participants. The action usually, from what I have read, takes part after 9pm in the evening (so you need to take a flashlight with you, or maybe a lighting rig, just joking).

Participants can be divided in to two main groups, the Exhibitionists and the Voyeurs. Most exhibitionists tend to be couples soliciting the voyeurs to watch them screwing. Voyeurs are mainly male and apparently can be vast in number.

Meets are generally initiated on one of the many web sites devoted to Dogging and it’s rather tame-by-comparison sister, Swinging. These sites have bulletin boards or forums where couples and voyeurs alike can advertise their availability and interest.

The sites do strongly advise that the bulletin does not contain a meet date or time and that this is organised once your contacts have been selected. Good advice as I read that one couple advertised their activities with a location, time and date. Resulting in 25 single men turning up to join in. Now even I’m not that greedy (he, he).

During my research for this article all sites I visited promoted a safe sex policy. They also offered advice on cleanliness and ensuring that you clean up afterwards. They were also posting the 2003 Sex Act so that doggers were fully aware of the law regarding this activity. On the whole they took a very responsible standpoint.

Swinging Heaven is a very comprehensive site. It offers local dogging site locations throughout the UK. I entered my address to check out where the action was taking place, to my surprise there is a very well known, and often posted, spot near my home. So should I decide…

Dogging Central provides a sexual positions listing for inside and outside the car. Must admit, we have all probably explored the possible automobile positions during our early sexual adventures. However the on the car options interested me, here they are. Do be careful where you try these at home, preferably keeping within the confines of the law, the garage would be a wise choice.

On the Car

On the bonnet. The woman lies back on the hood of the car and scoots her bottom towards the edge. She can rest her feet on the bumper or the grille. The man stands in front between her legs and leans on the bonnet as he fucks her.

Wraparound. Same as above, but upright, with the woman sitting on the bonnet. She wraps her legs around the man’s waist and supports herself with her arms, leaning back.

Wheelbarrow. The woman lays her upper body face down on the bonnet. The man lifts her legs up and holds them spread apart as he fucks her from behind.

The Bridge. The woman lays back on the bonnet with the male standing in front between her legs. She lifts her legs so that she can hook the back of her heels over her partner’s shoulders. The woman tilts her pelvis up into position while the man supports her lower back with his hands.

Over the Top. For when you really want to put on a show. The woman climbs up on top of the bonnet on all fours, with her rear facing the front of the car. She leans on the roof of the car to support her upper body. The man kneels on the bonnet behind her and fucks her doggy style.

Note: Do make sure the car is not freshly waxed or you could end up slipping Mr Happy somewhere you didn’t mean it to go. Although, each to their own. Neither would I suggest it on a Mercedes, that badge could be troublesome.

I discovered that there are codes which doggers use to communicate with each other on Melanie’s site The most commonly used are:
  • Flashing lights (interior or exterior), this indicates they are doggers to other participants.
  • Leaving the interior light on, signals that they wish to be watched.
  • Winding the window down, indicates they wish to fondle or be fondled or more. They will ask if they require more.

Apparently the exhibitionists put on a bit of a “show” to the voyeurs and then select from them participants who interest them.

Melanie also suggests quite wisely, that you drive the long way home to throw anyone who may follow you back. This site also had a code of practice:

“The 10 Commandments of Dogging”

1. Thou shalt wear thine rubbers. Thou shalt adorn thine male organs with the finest sheaths of latex for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
2. Thou shalt not fornicate before innocents. Keep thine revelries from the eyes of children and unsuspecting passersby, and refrain from disturbing the peace and attracting attention.
3. Thou shalt not block thine neighbor's view. Take care thou dost not obscure the sight of thy fellow dogger, and yield the right of way to them who arrived before you.
4. Thou shalt look with thine eyes, not with thine hands, until invited. Layest not thine hands upon a person without their explicit verbal permission.
5. Heed the sanctity of a woman's right to refuse. What part of "No" dost thou not understand, thou pushy bastard?
6. Honour thy neighbor's anonymity. Thou shalt not expose, blackmail, or otherwise compromise the privacy of thine fellow doggers.
7. Thou shalt not destroy public property nor trespass upon private property. The country parks, beauty spots, lovers' lanes and car parks of the land shall not be desecrated through vandalism or carelessness.
8. Thou shalt covet thy neighbour's wife. Thou shalt swing and make merry with thine own mate and all other consenting parties.
9. Thou shalt clean up after thine own self. Before thou departest, gather unto thee all of thine used condoms, torn wrappers, discarded tissues and other rubbish, and dispose of them in a bin.
10. Thou shalt drive safely and honor the laws, both while motoring and parking. Thou shalt not engage in reckless behaviour while in a moving vehicle, and thou shall park legally and engage the parking brake when at rest.
Before you all head off in to the garage, I have located a track dedicated to dogging, Dogging 2004 by the group U/Rockers The group all met by chance at a dogging meeting and decided to set a group dedicated to sexual anarchy via the Internet.

Why not download the track and head off to the garage with your boombox, kneepads, wet wipes, blanket, portable heater, additional lighting… Oh, and don’t forget your camera.

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